Your office equipment is a substantial investment, but at some point, a time will come when the equipment becomes outdated and loses its value. Key signs you need to upgrade your machinery include seeing a loss of productivity, experiencing inefficient workflow, and spending too much in repairs. Another important consideration is the security risks associated with older equipment.

Inefficient Workflow

All businesses need equipment to run smoothly if they want to achieve healthy levels of productivity. If your copier frequently breaks down, takes too long to send out a fax, makes copies at the speed of a snail’s pace, and routinely has a line of employees in line waiting to finish their tasks, your equipment has probably outlived its usefulness. Newer equipment is more efficient because it can complete tasks in a fraction of the time it takes older machines to complete. If employee time is spent standing around waiting for equipment to work or processes are delayed because your company is waiting on repairs, it’s costing you money. As the old saying goes, time is money.

High repair costs

Older machines tend to break down more frequently. Finding a repair company with the right know-how of dated equipment can be challenging to do, not to mention the higher costs associated with hard-to-find older parts. If you find you’re receiving multiple visits per month from your repair company and seeing the repair line on your budget inflate, it’s a sign the time has come to upgrade your office equipment. At some point, the repair costs you’re tossing money at will surpass the amount you would have spent on a new machine.

Security risks

Today’s copiers and printers operate as networked computing devices. To protect valuable data from being exploited, it’s essential that all equipment can function with high levels of security. Consider the fact dated machines typically lack important security and are no longer supported by the manufacturer, which means security patches are no longer issued. A single data breach can be devastating. By keeping up with equipment standards that can handle modern security requirements, you’re investing in the future of your business.

Too much downtime because of dated equipment can prevent you from meeting your business goals. By investing in new machinery, in the long run, you’ll save on time, efficiency, and monies spent. To look into purchasing new office equipment to improve your workflow, contact Copylite today to explore your options.