If you happen to keep up with popular trends in home improvement, you would know that the latest fad is simplicity. In a home, this includes utilizing furniture or equipment that serves multiple purposes. It is no surprise that this concept extends to the workplace. It makes more sense for an organization that relies heavily on budgets. One such machine that satisfies a variety of purposes is a multifunction printer (MFP). An MFP functions as a printer, copier, and scanner. By handling all three tasks, it eliminates the need for three separate pieces of equipment and increases an organization’s productivity.

How a Multifunction Printer Improves Productivity

Since an MFP has multiple uses, it streamlines a business’s workflow. In effect, a straightforward machine can add much value to a company’s bottom line, especially when it comes to productivity. Here are a few other ways that a multifunction printer can make an office more productive:

  • Save Space – Without the need for three large machines taking up space within the confines of an office, there is more room for other necessary tasks. The additional space could be used for other equipment or an open floor plan allowing more ideas to flow amongst staff.
  • Save Money – By having a printer, copier, and scanner all in one machine, you will not need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment. Also, since all functions work together, any accessories required, such as ink, toner, and parts, will be compatible and easy to buy. You’ll end up saving your organization money with the initial investment, as well as in the long run.
  • Save Time – Your staff will end up saving so much time with a multifunction printer. This will reveal itself in many ways. For instance, even the installation time will cut by two-thirds. You will only need to install one machine on each staff member’s computer, instead of having to fit three. Since there is only one spot to go to for copying, scanning, and printing, there will be less confusion and short learning curve when training staff on the new equipment.

Learn More About MFP

A multifunction printer will be a welcome addition to any office as a source of increased productivity. By taking on three separate functions, this all-in-one machine will save your business time, money, and space. For more information or to purchase an MFP for your business, contact Copylite today!