Buying brand-new isn’t the only option when it comes to purchasing office equipment. A growing number of small and medium-sized businesses are turning to remanufactured printers for their office needs. These printers offer many of the same features and performance attributes as their brand-new counterparts, except at more reasonable price points. Remanufactured printers are often off-lease equipment or former demo machines that are put through a complete refurbishing and testing process by qualified technicians.

Buying remanufactured printers can have plenty of positive impacts on your business. Here are a few benefits of remanufactured printers.

Lower Purchase and Upkeep Costs

Cost savings is one of the biggest reasons to choose a remanufactured printer over its brand-new counterpart. Despite offering the same performance and features as a new printer, a remanufactured printer offers significantly lower secondhand pricing. Not only do you see sizable savings up front, but you’ll also see lower long-term upkeep and service costs.

Buying brand-new printers at a fixed price point can also result in some uncomfortable compromises, especially if your office needs a particular feature that pushes your printer purchase beyond your budget. With a remanufactured printer, you can find one with the options your office needs most without extending your budget to accommodate a more expensive machine.

Smaller Environmental Footprint

With more devices and machines being used in today’s tech-driven world, the problem of e-waste continues to grow. Buying a remanufactured printer helps recycle and reuse equipment that would otherwise be thrown away. Think of buying a remanufactured printer as one less piece of office equipment that’ll end up in the landfill.

Simplified Maintenance

Another good reason to buy remanufactured printers is their ease of service when compared to newer equipment. Your technicians may be more familiar with a tried-and-tested model rather than the latest and greatest equipment. Familiarity can help cut downtime for your machines as well as reduce maintenance costs. If you’re on a tight budget and looking to standardize your printing solution, remanufactured printers offer a better choice than brand-new.

Printers are an indispensable part of the modern office. A remanufactured printer makes sense if your business goals include cost savings and sustainability. If you want to enjoy the benefits of purchasing remanufactured printers for your office, contact Copylite today.