In just about every business, the copier is an essential piece of technology. It may look commonplace, but it accomplishes a lot. How do we know? Well, place an “out of order” sign on yours and watch the reactions that occur!

In the course of doing its job, the copier takes a beating. It’s essential to perform routine copier maintenance to keep the machine running its best. Here are a few specific reasons why.

Regular Maintenance Means Less Downtime

Just like your car, the office copier runs better and lasts longer when it’s well maintained. Performing copier maintenance is a proactive move that replaces worn components before they fail. It’s a simple way to notice and fix small problems before they grow into bigger ones. Copier downtime can be a big problem. Doing regular copier maintenance lessens the likelihood of your machine going down.

Regular Maintenance Means Longer Lifespans

Every copier dies eventually. Many are rated for a certain number of pages per year for a certain amount of years, but these ratings assume you’re following the maintenance guidelines. Fail to do so, and whatever warranty you may have goes right out the window. This is because an unmaintained copier has to work harder to do its job. When motors and wheels and the thousand tiny parts in your copier are under stress from working harder, they degrade more quickly. The faster components degrade, the sooner you’re likely to have a significant repair or even reach the copier’s end of life.

Well-maintained machines generally live longer than their neglected counterparts. Perform regular copier maintenance to keep your machine running free and easy. You’ll save headaches and money for your company.

Regular Maintenance Means Better Performance

Copiers that haven’t been maintained often build up ink residue and gather dust on the plates. Feeder mechanisms can get grimy as well and fail to pull paper through as effectively. These and other issues can slow down your copier. And in many settings, the slower the copies, the slower the work. Performing regular copier maintenance keeps your copier clean and happy, allowing it to perform at its fastest, most fundamental level.

These are just a few of the reasons that it’s essential to keep your copier well maintained. For more information on copier maintenance or for help establishing a good maintenance routine, contact Copylite today. We’re here to help!