A high-quality multifunction printer (MFP) is a “must-have” piece of equipment in the modern office environment. This is the first thing every office needs right after telephones and computers. Investing in a fast, cost-efficient MFP is a wise decision. The productivity increases that come from a state-of-the-art multifunction printer include better allocations of staff time, more effective use of budgetary resources, and saving office space.

Increased Productivity by Saving Staff Time

Think of the time value of staff time in this way. Compare a printer that has an output of 60 pages per minute with another one that has the production of 30 pages per minute. If a report requires 12 copies of 60 pages each (720 total pages), this print job takes 12 minutes on the faster printer and 24 minutes on the slower one. Calculate the cost for the staff time to wait while the print job is finished. For a person earning $10 per hour, this costs the company $3 on the fast printer and $6 in staff time on the slow printer. The faster printer can save the company up to $15 per hour. That is more than another staff person’s wages.

Office efficiency studies show that when office staff sends something to the printer, they may wait for a little, and then go to see if the job is coming out of the printer. If the information being printed is highly confidential, then the staff goes immediately to the printer to watch it print out to make sure nobody else gets to see the detailed report.

Hanging out by the printer is a waste of time in any office. For a senior executive who is waiting for a report, if he or she earns $250 per hour in billable time, then a mere ten minutes of wasted time costs the firm $25!

Lower Overhead

The efficiency of a multifunction printer (MFP) includes the ability to monitor usage. Analysis of usage patterns gives insights about how to save money on printing costs. This is the best practices methodology when it comes to overhead expense management.

Save Space

A multifunction printer replaces many other pieces of equipment. It has the functions of a printer, a copy machine, a scanner, and a fax machine, all in a single device. For offices that have limited physical space or pay a high rent per square foot for the space that they have this ability for one piece of equipment to do all these things, which would otherwise require many more machines, is very beneficial.

Placement of a multifunction printer in proximity to its users helps make access faster. This is easier because it takes up less space than all those other devices it replaces.

Many terrific productivity solutions that improve workflow are made possible with the newest innovations in multifunction printers. To purchase an MFP for your business, contact Copylite today.