How to Optimize Your Office Print Policy

Managing your printer use should be one of your priorities as a business owner. Otherwise, you stand to lose thousands of dollars due to poor printing habits and resource allocation. The only way to keep your print environment profitable is to formulate a comprehensive policy.

Here’s what your office print policy should include.

Cut Down or Eradicate Unnecessary Printing Altogether

It’s hard to imagine any department without a printer, but this doesn’t mean your team should be overly reliant on their devices. If a sector is consuming considerably more paper than others, inspect why it’s generating so many documents and if they can lower the number.

For example, some of your printing may be traced back to your compliance department. Here, your printers should only be used for government correspondence and other legal documents. Anything more than that, and your machines aren’t utilized effectively.

That’s not to say you should restrict every department, such as your marketing sector. From presentations and brochures to business cards and invitations, the team might need to roll out a large number of documents on a daily basis. All of these play a key role in your operations, so curbing their print use might be a bad idea.

Avoid Color Prints Whenever Possible

Designed properly, color documents have an otherworldly appearance. They convey professionalism and help you strike a chord with your customers or partners.

The only downside is that they consume a ton of toner. If your color printing is rampant, you may burn through your toner supply before you know it.

Therefore, try to keep a lid on your color printing. Only use it for critical documents, like brochures and flyers.

A great way to check if your team has adopted this policy is to examine the default settings of your printers. If they’re set to black and white instead of color, it means your employees have embraced your vision.

Buy Printers and Print Accessories From Trusted Providers Only

A printer is a sizeable investment, so don’t rush headfirst into the purchase. Only buy from reliable brands to avoid being stuck with a malfunctioning device that needs to be replaced just a few months after delivery.

The same goes for print accessories. Some vendors offer top-quality equipment to optimize your machines and improve their functionality. Copylite is your best option. With a rich assortment of premium products, we have everything you need to elevate your printers.

Implement a Robust Troubleshooting Strategy

Downtime is the arch-enemy of every enterprise. Faulty printers are one of the leading causes, but you can minimize it with a detailed troubleshooting policy. Tell your staff how to handle malfunctions and who to call in case of large-scale repairs.

Communicate Your Policy, and You’re Golden

Once your policy is ready, be sure to communicate it across the board. Whether you use email or conferences, your team should be fully aware of the changes to your print environment.

Don’t forget to give your printers an occasional facelift. A whole host of Copylite accessories can help you do so. Discover our diverse offers and find your next buy.