What’s the Difference Between a Drum Unit and Toner Cartridge?

A laser printer comes with many parts. Two of these include a toner cartridge and drum unit. If you can’t tell the difference, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will explain the functions of toner cartridges and drum units.

What Are Toner Cartridges and Drum Units?

Many people think drum units and toner cartridges are the same, but that’s not the case.

On the one hand, toner cartridges are the containers that hold your toner powder. On the other, drum units are electrically charged cylinders that fuse your toner powder to the paper to create the images and text. Both parts are crucial for printing. If either part malfunctions, you won’t be able to transfer your desired print image onto your pages.

Should You Buy Printers With a Built-In Drum?

Most printers have a built-in drum unit. For example, HP might be the most famous company that produces toner cartridges with built-in drum units. Hence, if you have an HP machine, you don’t need to replace your drum separately. You’re getting a new drum whenever you buy new toner.

By contrast, Brother laser printers have a separate drum unit. It usually lasts longer than the toner cartridges, and you should replace it after three or four toner cartridge replacements. You should be able to determine the right time to get a new drum unit by monitoring your printer operation. If you can notice black lines or spots on your pages, it means the drum is probably close to the end of its lifespan.

If you’re torn between printers with a built-in or separate drum, there’s no need to be so concerned about this aspect. This is because printers without an incorporated drum work just as well as those with separate drums and toners.

The only major difference between these models is the price. In particular, toners with incorporated drums are costlier than standalone toners.

Therefore, consider buying a printer with a separate drum unit if you’re on a budget. When it’s time to replace the drum, you’ll only need to replace it and not the whole drum/toner package. Furthermore, standalone models are cheaper because they generally feature less advanced technology.

The type of printer suitable for your business depends on your budget. If you don’t mind paying a slightly higher price, machines with built-in drums are the better choice. They eliminate the worry about lower print quality or the need to buy separate consumables whenever your papers get spotty.

If saving money is a priority, printers with a separate drum unit should be your solution. You should also take this route if you have no problems with buying new drums occasionally.

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