How to Have a Green Printing Office

Creating a green printing office is one of the best decisions you can make as a business owner. If you follow in the footsteps of other sustainability leaders, this Harvard Business School insight says you’ll help combat climate change and resource depletion.

It’s a noble cause, but how exactly do you transition a regular printing office to an eco-friendly environment?

Green Printing Office Checklist

It’s never too late to move away from a conventional, resource-intensive printing business and adopt a green initiative. So, let’s get down to brass tacks and start working on your sustainable office. Here’s what your checklist should include.

Use Black and White Printing

Color documents are eye-catching and help you strike a chord with your target audience. However, there are many greener alternatives. You can repurpose millions of ready-made online templates for your next marketing campaign.

In the meantime, switch to black and white printing whenever possible. It uses a fraction of ink consumed by color printing, which makes a world of difference when creating a sustainable enterprise.

Rely on Double-Sided Printing

Like color printing, one-sided documents are often a waste of paper. Two-sided printing works perfectly fine for most applications, such as company correspondence. Only utilize the one-sided option when it’s absolutely essential, like making business cards.

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Printers

Some printers consume more electricity than others. Such devices are a no-go if you want to pave the way for a green office. Thankfully, there’s a sustainable alternative – Energy Star-Rated devices. These machines are designed to operate at peak efficiency without drawing as much power as traditional units. Invest in these, and you’ll get a double whammy of energy-saving and sustainable equipment.

Recycle Your Cartridges

Although ink might seem like a toxic chemical, the cartridges storing the ink can be refilled. Most modern cartridges are recyclable, so don’t discard them after use. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions on proper recycling practices.

Consider Multi-Function Printers

Another great way to save electricity is to buy multi-function printers. They allow you to print and copy at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.

As a result, you can finally unplug your outdated copiers and switch to a multi-function printing/copying powerhouse.

Avoid Printing Images

Not every document requires images. It takes a while to create visuals, and they can burn through your toner supplies. So, avoid pictures whenever possible. Save them for critical projects, such as presentations.

Include Print Authorization

Not everyone in your office should have access to your printers. It increases print waste and goes against your vision to create a green enterprise.

To combat this, see if your printer offers access controls. It enables you to authorize certain personnel to use the machine and restricts others.

Bonus Tip – Add High-Quality Accessories

The final tip we’ll leave you with is to buy top-quality accessories. For example, robust aftermarket cartridges can decrease toner consumption, allowing you to transition to a green printing office faster. Copylite is the go-to provider of these first-class products. Check out our collection and explore an array of items that can make your business more sustainable.