How the Number of Technicians at a Copier Dealer Affects Your Service

A copier technician can make or break your service experience. When your office copier malfunctions, you want a skilled professional to resolve the issue quickly. But how does the number of technicians at a copier dealer impact your service?

Primary Factors Impacting the Number of Technicians at a Copier Dealer

These are some of the most significant factors that impact the availability of copier technicians:

  • Machines in the field – The more machines a dealer has, the more technicians they need. Generally, one technician services 200 to 250 MIF, 80% being copiers and 20% printers.
  • Location – The number of technicians is influenced by the size of the service region. The bigger the service region, the more technicians a dealer will have.
  • Technicians’ skill – Highly skilled technicians can service more MIF efficiently and adequately, reducing the need for additional technicians.
  • Type of technical work – New equipment installations take more time, requiring more technicians to compensate for the time spent on installations.

What Copier Technicians Do and How They Help Your Business

Copier technicians may sometimes be underappreciated. However, they’re an invaluable part of a copier dealer’s team. To better understand the significance of a strong technician team, consider some of the obligations the technicians need to perform:

  • Installing, maintaining, and repairing printers and copiers
  • Keeping in touch with the customers, answering their questions, and responding to repair and maintenance requests
  • Logging work details for record-keeping purposes

The Value of Technicians for Your Business

The number of technicians at a copier dealer can significantly influence the quality of service you receive. A skilled copier technician can be an unsung hero for your business, maintaining and repairing your office equipment to prevent downtime and keep operations running smoothly. Copylite has consistently invested in the best talent and a solid technical team for many decades, bringing customers trustworthy and consistent service.



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The Training and Certification Journey of Copier Technicians

A well-trained and certified copier technician is crucial for providing reliable service. But what does the training process entail?

The Training Process for Copier Technicians

To become a certified copier technician, you must go through a training process comprising several steps:

  • School – Technicians start training early in life, completing rigorous coursework in shop classes during middle and high school.
  • Post-secondary education – Prospective copier technicians should consider obtaining an associate’s degree in electronics from a community college or private school.
  • Certification – Depending on the copier series, technicians may need to complete either a manufacturer’s online seminar and examination, or a combination of a manufacturer’s online seminar, test, and classroom training. The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) also provides the CompTIA A+ certification.

The Significance of Certification in the Copier Technician Field

Certification is vital to ensure customers receive service from highly-trained, fully-accredited professionals. It also provides technicians with up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies and industry standards.

Well-Trained Technicians

By choosing a copier dealer with adequately trained and certified technicians, you can trust that your office equipment is in good hands. At Copylite, we highly value adequate training and certification and ensure that technicians have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle any issues.

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Choosing the Right Copier Dealer and Technician for Your Business

To ensure that your business receives the best service possible, you’ll want to carefully assess your options and make an informed decision when selecting a copier dealer and technician.

Questions to Ask Copier Dealers

There are several go-to questions worth asking your preferred copier dealer about their technicians:

  • Technician availability and response time
  • Training and certification
  • Scope of services offered

Don’t hesitate to ask questions before committing to a purchase and investing your money into a product.

Tips for Choosing the Right Copier Dealer and Technician

A few quick tips will make searching for the right dealers and technicians easier. Research various copier dealers and compare their number of technicians, training, and certifications. Next, consider the size of the dealer’s service region and the efficiency of their response time. Inquire about any specialties or additional services offered by the technicians. Finally, seek recommendations from other businesses or read customer reviews to understand the dealer’s reputation and service quality.

Well-Informed Decisions and Ongoing Support

Selecting the right copier dealer and technician is essential for maintaining a smoothly running office environment. A well-informed decision can save your business time, money, and frustration by ensuring that skilled professionals properly maintain your equipment.