Maximizing the lifespan of your printers and copiers requires you to keep all parts in great shape, including ink and toner cartridges. You need to store them safely to avoid damage and compromise the quality of your papers.

We’ll help you do just that by sharing the four best practices for storing cartridges.

How Should You Take Care of Your Cartridges?

Here’s how you should store your ink and toner cartridges to keep them fresh and functioning:

Keep Them in a Cool, Dry, and Dark Place

Even if you have the highest-quality toner and ink cartridges, you shouldn’t keep them just anywhere. Instead, place them somewhere dry, cool, and dark after buying them. This helps you preserve their perfect condition for much longer.

The temperature requirement might be the most important. Namely, most cartridges aren’t meant to be exposed to temperatures above 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit. High heat can lead to bubbling ink and promote leaks.

This doesn’t mean you should keep them in freezing conditions either (e.g., under 45 degrees Fahrenheit). Otherwise, your cartridges run a risk of separating, which can make your printers and copiers unusable.

You should store them at room temperature, which ranges between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, your Copylite cartridges can serve you great for a longer time.

Keep Your Cartridges in the Original Packaging

Many people discard the original packaging once they buy their ink and toner cartridges. However, this is a major mistake.

Copylite cartridges and those from some other vendors are durable, but you should keep them in the original box for as long as possible. It prevents dust and air from reaching the cartridge prematurely, which can lower its performance once you install it into your machine.

Additionally, don’t forget to keep your cartridges upright. This position prevents them from rubbing against each other and mixing colors.

Consult the Package

In addition to holding cartridges in the original package, you should also check the box for the recommended expiration or sell-by date. You’ll find information about the manufacturer and any disclaimers about the product’s quality after a specific period.

Use the specified period as a guideline – don’t put the cartridges inside your devices beyond it. They could clog the print head and cause initializing issues.

Avoid Placing Your Cartridges Near Chemicals

Many offices contain cabinets with ammonia, bleach, and other chemicals. These and some gaseous materials can compromise the quality of your cartridges, degrading their composition and reducing their lifespan. The longer they’re exposed to chemicals, the greater the risk of rendering them unusable.

Therefore, stay on the safe side and don’t place your cartridges near noxious substances. If you choose a suitable environment, you can easily keep your cartridges usable for 24 months without deterioration.

Set Yourself Up for Success With Robust Cartridges

Storing your cartridges safely is essential, but you should also make sure you’re buying your products from a reliable manufacturer. Copylite is your best choice. We have a wide selection of top-shelf cartridges with a user-friendly design and a long lifespan. Explore our assortment and find the ideal cartridge today.