Why You Shouldn’t Buy Chinese Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges can be surprisingly expensive, and the yearly bill for maintaining printer and copier equipment for a business can be staggering. But rather than buy verified products compatible with their devices, some business owners switch to Chinese cartridges because they’re much cheaper. However, this can backfire quickly.

This article will explain why you should stay away from Chinese ink and toner cartridges.

How Are Chinese Cartridges Made?

To understand why Chinese cartridges are bad for your devices, you first need to learn how they’re made. In most cases, Chinese producers of clone cartridges buy the real deal, disassemble it, and figure out how it works. From there, they come up with their own products based on genuine cartridges.

At first sight, Chinese cartridges seem fine, but once you take a good look under the hood, the problems are more than obvious. They’re typically made of inexpensive, low-quality materials that are nowhere near as reliable as original products.

Unfortunately, many business owners aren’t familiar with the low-quality design of these cartridge clones. They’re blinded by the low price, which is also a problem for established manufacturers. Even though they provide superior products, it’s hard to compete with bargain prices of Chinese cartridges.

The Case Against Chinese Toner Cartridges

Chinese cartridges have flooded the shelves of many retailers to the point where they may put more reliable manufacturers out of business. They’re not the only ones that stand in harm’s way. You, too, will experience the low-quality build of their products if you buy them. Here’s why.

More Likely to Cause Smears

The main reason you should stay away from Chinese cartridges is that their subpar components can’t hold ink and toner together. As a result, if you notice smears or smudges on your documents, a clone cartridge might be the culprit.

Not only that, but the inability to contain ink or toner spells trouble for the rest of your printer or copier. In the event of a spill, ink or toner spreads all over the equipment and can cause irreparable damage. The only solution may be to buy a brand-new device, setting you back thousands of dollars.

Device Malfunctions

Reliable manufacturers produce cartridges specifically designed for your printers or copiers. That’s not the case with Chinese brands. They roll out copies that are often incompatible with your machine. As such, they may cause the device to malfunction or stop copying/printing altogether.

More Pollution

Another great thing about reputable toner makers is that they offer recycling programs. Once it’s time to replace your cartridge, you simply send it to the manufacturer for recycling to protect the environment.

In contrast, Chinese producers rarely have such initiatives. After you remove the old cartridge, it most likely ends up in landfills.

Don’t Take a Chance – Trust Big Names Only

The cost of fixing your printer or copier due to a faulty Chinese cartridge easily eclipses the upfront savings. Therefore, don’t take a gamble – stick to products made by trusted names to extend the lifespan of your machine.

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