Extend the Lifespan of Your Printer With These 5 Tips

Your office printer is meant to be your cash cow, not a money pit. However, you can easily burn a hole in your pocket unless you maintain your device properly. Unaddressed malfunctions can quickly lead to a premature replacement.

This article will be your life jacket. Here are five tips on how to extend the lifespan of your printer.

Tip 1 – Don’t Use Too Much Paper

Paper jams are one of the most annoying problems you may have with your printer. There can be a number of causes, but the #1 culprit is putting too much paper inside the tray. It disrupts other parts of the machine, resulting in a jammed system.

To keep this from happening, don’t exceed the recommended level, which should be indicated by a line on your paper tray.

If paper jams persist, take your time when addressing them. Trying to force paper out of the device can do more harm than good. A better alternative is to contact a service professional. Whether it’s a technician provided under your lease agreement or third-party contractor, they know how to resolve the issue safely and quickly.

Tip 2 – Clean the Device Regularly

Dirt and debris doesn’t just result in poor documents. Various impurities can also damage the drum, rollers, glass, and the rest of the printer. Clean the glass at least once a month and the inside of the machine two or three times per year to keep contaminants at bay.

Tip 3 – Let Your Printer Warm Up

Printers are much like cars in winter, as it takes them a while to reach operating temperatures. Running the device before it wakes up shocks the system and can cause damage if done repeatedly.

As a result, don’t start printing immediately after you turn on your machine. Give it a couple of minutes to recharge its batteries before putting it to work.

Tip 4 – Use High-Quality Cartridges

Even if you have the finest printer, low-quality cartridges can render it less effective. Therefore, don’t hold your machine back. Use first-class models, such as those available from Copylite. We have a wide array of aftermarket cartridges that are compatible with most print brands and can elevate the functionality of your machine.

Tip 5 – Remove Toner Residue and Restrict Access

Some toner can remain inside your printer due to leaks. A good way to tell if that’s the case is to look for lines on your documents. Left unchecked, the toner can wreak havoc on your device and shorten its lifespan. Make a service call to keep the unit in great shape.

Also, don’t let just anyone use your printer. Restrict access to keep untrained staff from damaging the device.

Intricacies of Office Printer Maintenance Demystified

There’s no need to let malfunctioning office printers limit your productivity. Proper maintenance is all it takes to keep it running at peak efficiency.

Also, buying top-grade accessories can make a world of difference. Copylite has a wide range of cartridges and other products to help optimize your printer